Learn Vuejs by video

Learn Vue JS, and become a VueJS professional. Build complex SPAs with Vue.js, a simple and popular JavaScript framework .

This is a udemy course created by Bo Andersen. Has 615 ratings and 3,049 students enrolled.

What you’ll learn

  • How to build advanced Vue.js applications
  • How to build single page applications (SPA)
  • Understand the theory and how Vue works under the hood
  • How to manage state in large applications with Vuex
  • Communicating with servers with HTTP
  • Use modern tools for developing and building applications (e.g. webpack)

Course content

  • 13:33+Fundamentals of Vue.js
  • Example application #1: E-commerce
  • Deep dive: The Vue Instance
  • Setting up a Development Environment with Webpack & Vue CL
  • Components
  • Example application #2: Mail application
  • Mixins & Filters
  • Forms
  • Animations & Transitions
  • Routing (SPA)
  • Connecting to Servers through HTTP
  • Vuex
  • Conclusion


  • You should have basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge of ES6 is a plus, but not a requirement

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