Learn Vuejs by video

Create the VueJS 2.0 apps you always wanted. Build 5 apps, learn development secrets, VueRouter, Vuex, & more!

This is a udemy course created by David Joseph Katz . Has 1,604 ratings and 57,535 students enrolled.

What you’ll learn

  • Build entire Vue JS, VueRouter, and Vuex applications from scratch.
  • Develop apps that deal with APIs and web requests.
  • Create web apps with a full authentication service, and real-time database.

Course Content

  • Introducing the Course
  • Understanding Vue Syntax and Essentials
  • Building Notemaster | Application One
  • Starbase | Application Two
  • Starbase-Router | Application Three
  • Jokester | Application Four
  • Turnout | Application Five
  • Concluding the Course


  • Some JavaScript, HTML, and CSS will help, but not absolutely required.

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