Laravel v5.8.10 released

Laravel v5.8.10 is realesed with 2 new features.

Thereplicating event

For example,
 replicating event is added for when you want to make a copy of a model. and is called

This PR introduces “replicating” model event which is fired when is called.

$movie = Movie::find(1);
$newMovie = $movie->replicate();

This is useful when “replication” is a part of the domain logic. My use-case: I need to reset an attribute every time a model is replicated because that attribute is specific to the model.

Laravel v5.8.10 release:


  • Added replicating model event (#28077)
  • Make NotificationFake macroable (#28091)


  • Exclude non-existing directories from event discovery (#28098)


  • Sorting of events in event:list command (3437751)
  • Removed path hint in compiled view (33ce7bb)

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